Here’s How Horrifying Hate Crimes Against Muslims Have Gotten

Muslim women experience some of the most egregious acts of violence.

Violence against Muslims in the United Kingdom has escalated so drastically that prime minister David Cameron has called for Islamophobic crime to be recorded as its own category of hate crime, similar to how Anti-Semitic crime is distinguished from others.

According to the BBC, while the Metropolitan Police in London "already records Islamophobic crime," the government has ordered anti-Muslim crime "be recorded as a separate category by all police forces in England and Wales."

In the past year, Islamophobic crime in London alone has skyrocketed -- it's up 70 percent over last year. Across the UK, Muslim women -- particularly women who wear Niqab (a veil that covers the face and hair) -- experience some of the most egregious acts of violence, according to Tell MAMA, a group that "measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidences." The group estimates that of all Islamophobic crime in the UK, 60 percent of the victims are women.

Currently, law enforcement in the United States does not distinguish Islamophobia as a separate category of hate crime -- violence motivated by religious bias falls under the larger umbrella category of hate crimes, which the FBI investigates.

While there's not much statistical information available, according to the FBI, in 2013, 13.7 percent of the victims of all reported anti-religious hate crimes were Muslim. Jewish people were the only group who experienced higher rates of anti-religious violence (60.3 percent).

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