Was It Wrong For Snooki To Demand Sex From Her Sick Boyfriend?

If Snooki hadn't made her smushing expectations clear before, the hormone-charged castie certainly got her point across during last week’s episode of "Jersey Shore" when Jionni came home puking his brains out. Even as he was covered in vomit and caramel-flavored protein bar bits, all girl wanted to do was bump uglies…so long as he didn’t breathe his grossness on her.

Usually chicks go into mom mode when they see their boyfriend green in the face, but not Snooks--she called Jionni out for being a buzzkill to her lady parts and even tried to lay on the guilt (maybe that's what caused her to have a playdate with Vinny?). Based on her persistence, we think she might've earned herself the title of "Most DTF Chick” in the house.

+ We get that meatballs have needs, but did she take her demands too far? Vote in the poll below and let us know if you think Snooki should've given the guy a break.

Is Snooki demanding too much of Jionni?

  • No, dude needs to man up!
  • Yes, she should've understood that he was sick.

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