Chance The Rapper Joins YBN Cordae For A Nostalgic BBQ In 'Bad Idea' Video

The pair's first collaboration finds the lyricists as laughably little car decorations

Rising rapper YBN Cordae is the talk of the town of hip-hop — the lyricist equivalent of King Midas, bringing gold to whatever production he touches. For his latest synthesizing of treasure, he's brought along Chance the Rapper for "Bad Idea," a mellow track about the highs and lows of life as they come and how to maneuver through them all. They've also released a music video that juxtaposes an empty present with a joyous past and shows that it's important to always move forward.

YBN Cordae, in "Bad Idea," is reckoning with fame as a musician. He's on the rise and looking back at life so far and how he's been playing the cards that he has been dealt with. In the accompanying video, he's a man that's seen better days. He sits in mud with a dirt-beaten face, a frown on his lips that indicates that he is quite possibly at his lowest point. But what keeps him going is a picture, a portal to a time when everything was alright. He's a bit younger in this period — his braids long, his skin glowing from what looks like witch hazel. Family surrounds him at a cookout. All is well. The scent of charcoal-burned hotdogs can be smelled through the screen.

Chance arrives at this cookout and delivers his guest verse while heading to get a plate of barbecued goodies. In it, he tells a cautionary story filled with powerful gems about life. "Don't ever drink the Kool-Aid," he spits, figuratively wagging a finger and hinting at not following peer pressure. He talks about traveling the world four times while looking for a parking spot, with one line in particular seared into your memory, long after his words are spent: "Some of these decisions is like Sharpie on a dry-erase." There's a funny bit. At one point, both Chance and Cordae are miniature emcees on the hood of the car, dangerously close to gigantic windshield wipers that would be a danger if Jigsaw was Thumbelina's size.

The video ends with zooming back out to Cordae's present, accepting his memories as his past. He picks up his belongings off the street and makes a trek to somewhere unknown, but with confidence. He's going to keep moving forward.

"Bad Idea" is Cordae and Chance's first collaboration together. It follows the videos for "Locationships" and "Have Mercy" that Cordae dropped earlier this year. He's preparing to release his debut studio album, The Lost Boy, sometime soon.

Watch YBN Cordae and Chance the Rapper admire the past and look towards the future "Bad Idea."

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