Tegan And Sara Are Blown Away By Your Bikinis

The duo loves your bikinis, but won't ever wear one onstage. Just get that through your heads.

It takes a lot of confidence to wear a bikini. At least that’s what pop duo Tegan and Sara told MTV News on Saturday.

If that’s true, the 2014 Hangout Festival is brimming with self-assurance.

"People come here and they swim and they swing around in hammocks and then they go watch music,” Tegan told us after their set. “People seemed really happy and they definitely seemed nice and tanned.”

Although they were telling fans that they had bikinis under their clothes -- leather jackets and black skinny jeans -- they were very adamant about NOT showing a lot of skin during a show.

“We actually have a rule: no one's allowed to wear shorts onstage. It just doesn't look very rock!" Tegan said.

Her twin sister Sara agreed.

"It's important to me that you look cool onstage,” she said. “It's not that you don't look cool onstage, but it's implied when you're wearing a bathing suit that you're doing a beach activity or lounging. When you're onstage you're there to..."

"Rock out," Tegan said.

But with temps in the 80s today, going without shorts didn’t seem like an option.

"We suffer through," Sara said.