Meet 8 Badass Feminists You Should Know On 'Decoded'

8 feminists of color you need to know.

Want to know more about intersectional feminism, but not quite sure where to turn? No sweat, kids -- MTV's "Decoded" has you fully covered. This week's mini episode features 8 badass women of color you should know about, and how to get to know them. So time to get educated!

Joining "Decoded" host Franchesca Ramsey this week is guest star Laci Green of MTV's "Braless." Hear the ladies dish on their very favorite feminists of color from the Internet and beyond. Check 'em all out below!

Kat Lazo @TheeKatsMeoww

Kat Blaque: @kat_blaque

Anna Akana: @AnnaAkana

Akilah Hughes: @AkilahObviously

Marina Watanabe: @marinashutup

Janet Mock: @janetmock

Kai Davis: @KaiDavisPoetry

Bell Hooks: @bellhooks

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