No Joke, Jason Derulo’s ‘Cheyenne’ Video Will Give You Nightmares

'Basically Cheyenne haunts my life,' Jason said.

Jason Derulo's music video for "Cheyenne" will no doubt haunt your dreams.

The "Want To Want Me" singer finds himself stuck inside a haunted mansion and can't seem to escape the love spell that Cheyenne has put him under in the vid.

"Basically Cheyenne haunts my life, and the video takes it literally," Jason recently told us. "She is just throughout my brain; I can't get her out of my head."

After burning her pictures, Jason, who recently released his album Everything is Four, finds himself tied to a chair as the "creeper" -- as Jason calls her -- starts working her scary magic. With long hair covering her face and a green-ish grey skin tone, this girl is seriously frightening.

"She definitely gives you 'The Ring' -- that whole vibe is hers," he said. "The New Orleans more realistic version. She reminds me of a chick that you would see in your class, but was just crazy."

The video is intercut with shots of Jason dancing in a room of lifeless ballerinas. Midway through the video, the ballerinas come to life as backup dancers for Jason, who gives us some serious Michael Jackson vibes during a pretty epic dance break.

"It was real fun; it felt like I got to play this character. It felt like we were on a movie set not just a video set," he said. "There's a huge dance break [similar] to the old videos that I used to love that had these big moments. It's really something to watch -- it's a spectacle, it's a scary story, a little creepy, so don't watch it after 12."

And while Jason might not be haunted by Cheyenne anymore, that doesn't mean he hasn't experienced her love spell in the past.

"It's not a fictional character," Jason said. "Everybody has their Cheyenne and I definitely had mine."

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