Chris Pratt Just Challenged Chris Evans To A Super Bowl War... For Charity

Boys will be boys, even when those boys are movie star superheroes.

On Sunday, February 1, returning NFL champions Seattle Seahawks will battle the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLIX glory. But this time around, the stakes go far beyond the Vince Lombardi Trophy -- because Star-Lord and Captain America are involved, and unlike in the Infinity War, they are on polar opposite sides.

It all started on Sunday (January 18), when Cap himself, Chris Evans, took to Twitter to celebrate his Pats' AFC Championship win over the Colts. Being a Patriots fan, Evans was confident when it comes to his team's chances, so he quickly turned his excitement into trash talk directed at Chris Pratt, a Seahawks fan:

Star-Lord took Cap's words in stride, reminding the First Avenger that he ain't s--t next to Seattle's QB, Russell Wilson:

This angered Cap more than that time Bucky Barnes "killed" Nick Fury, so he asked Star-Lord to raise the stakes:

Well Cap, challenge accepted -- Star-Lord (okay, Pratt) has now made the whole shebang about charity, which makes sense given his documented history of extreme kindness. If Evans accepts Pratt's challenge and the Seahawks win, he'll fly to Seattle and visit sick kids dressed as Cap, waving the "12th man flag," which I assume has something to do with football, but don't really care:

BOOM. [Infinity] gauntlet thrown, Cap. Evans has remained quiet on the Twitter front since Pratt made his request, but let's just assume the best and take it as Evans finding an appropriate charity for Pratt to visit if the Seahawks lose.

So, who's it gonna be... this guy?


Or this guy?


Only time (and football, whatever) will tell, but either way, we're glad these superheroes have proven to be just as heroic in real life as they are onscreen.

UPDATE: Chris Evans has officially stated his terms.