Lady Gaga Talks Grammy 'Vessel,' 'Born This Way' Details

Mother Monster teases in a radio interview that 'Born This Way' is 'just the beginning of this album.'

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] called in to

href="" target="_blank">Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday morning (February 15) and opened up about the "Born This Way" "roller coaster" she finds herself on these days. She also talked about that now-famous [article id="1657931"]egg-like "vessel" in which she arrived to the Grammys[/article] on Sunday.

"Only I would pull up to an awards show in a giant industrial-sized truck," she explained about the vehicle that brought her and her unusual container to the big event. "I was in [the vessel] for about 72 hours and it was a very creative experience and it was time for me to prepare and really think about the meaning of the song. I really wanted to be born onstage."

[article id="1657848"]Gaga finally emerged from her egg[/article] thingy when she took the stage at the Grammys to perform her new single live for the first time. "It was such a magical moment. I can't even say enough about the joy that I felt singing 'Born This Way' on that stage," she gushed. "We were just so emotional and so excited and I put so much hard work into creating the performance, designing it. I really have spent a tremendous amount of time dancing and working on becoming a better dancer ... It's important to me, if I want to someday be remembered as a great, great artist, I think I have to do what all the greats did -- I've got to sing and dance live at the same time."

As for her unusual [article id="1657859"]Whitney Houston shout-out[/article] during the ceremony, Gaga explains that it was a thank-you a long time in the making. "I can't tell you how much I listened to her growing up," she explained. "She was my vocal idol for so many years. I thought of her voice when I wrote ['Born This Way'], because she's just such an incredible singer. I sort of planned to thank her a long time ago, at some point. I said, 'If I ever win a Grammy I'm gonna thank Whitney' ... so I did."

During the chat with Seacrest, Gaga also gave more details about her album, Born This Way, which comes out May 23. "The next single is called 'Judas,' " she confirmed ([article id="1657656"]Vogue originally reported[/article] the news about this track, which was [article id="1657897"]produced by RedOne[/article]). "And that will be out a couple weeks before the album."

As for the LP as a whole, the singer said, "It's eclectic. I wouldn't tell everyone to expect lots of the same kind of songs like 'Born This Way.' I explore lots of different genres in tandem with dance music and electronic music and industrial music. I have expanded even further in that area, and I'm so very proud of it."

Later on the conversation, Gaga reiterated, "The great news is 'Born This Way' is just the beginning of this album. It's certainly not even the biggest hit on the album. You have to hear the rest of the record. I don't want to boast about it, because I am humble about what I do, but it's a great album and I can't wait to share each and every song with my fans."