This 6-Year-Old Is The Best, Most Adorable Theater Critic Ever

'It's so hard to be a six-year-old kid who loves theater!'

World, meet Iain Armitage. Iain Armitage, meet world.

Many of you might envision New York theater critics as a bunch of highfalutin fuddy-duddys like these guys, but this six-year-old theater maniac is here to prove that the Great White Way has a little something for everyone. (Except for "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" of course, which is not appropriate for those in Iain's age range.)

Armitage -- who is the son of actor Euan Morton, who famously played Boy George on Broadway, and producer Lee Armitage -- has been filming glorious, too precocious for words reviews of the shows he regularly takes in with his family, and his mother has been capturing the footage on her YouTube account. (H/T to Nick Walsh for the heads up.)

We think his opinions are pretty spot-on -- and also out-of-this-world adorable -- so feel free to watch some of our favorite reviews if you're thinking about heading up to NYC for a show anytime soon, or if you just really like things that are cute. (Be sure to check out his rant about not being allowed to see "Hedwig" since it's essentially the cutest thing we've seen all week.)

On "Les Miserables"

"It was a feelings show. They put a lot of feelings."

On "Sundays in the Park With George"

"It's kind of about two different shows put together in one. One part is about the George who does paintalism, I mean pointillism. The second part is about George in more modern times. I'm not going to ruin the surprise, because it's super cool."

On "Phantom of the Opera"

"It talks about how people, all people, need compassion. They're people, so they need compassion, and love, and kindness."

On "Bullets Over Broadway"

"They memorized their lines really good, and I like the show a lot. Also, it's a scary title, because 'Bullets Over Broadway'... that's kind of scary. There was some gun shooting, I don't recommend children to see it, because there's violent talking."

On "Waiting For Godot"

"I don't really know who is Godot. Is he God? Why are they waiting for him? Why did he never come? But I kind of think I got the play."

On "Hedwig and the Angry Inch."

"I don't get it. Why is 'Hedwig' not appropriate for me? It's so hard to be a six-year-old kid who loves theater! It is freaking me out!"

Oh, and by the way -- don't think for a second that Iain doesn't have the talent to back up his tough reviews. These performances from "Newsies" dance camp (yes, this is a thing that exists and you weren't invited) and "Signature Idol" prove differently.

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