Miguel 'Couldn't Sleep' After Kicking Fan At 'Billboard' Awards

TMZ reports the show's producers warned singer not to attempt jump over the crowd.

There's another update in the ongoing drama associated with Miguel's buzzed-about dropkick at the Billboard Music Awards last month. With the fan, [article id="1708396"]Khyati Shah[/article], awaiting medical results to find out the extent of her head injuries before she takes legal action, there comes new information about the performance.

The "Adorn" singer was reportedly told prior to the May 19 broadcast that he was not allowed to jump over the audience during his performance because the show's producers felt it might be too dangerous. TMZ reports that Miguel asked producers if he could jump over the crowd, but was told not to. He did anyway, kicking Shah, and reportedly slamming her head into the stage. She now claims she might have suffered a head injury as a result.

On Tuesday, Miguel tweeted, "don'tbelievethehype," though it's unclear if he was referring to the ongoing drama.

The singer did directly address the incident to Love Dough, telling the U.K. website that it "didn't go exactly as I planned" and that he was concerned about Shah in the hours that followed.

"In the first night, I'll tell you, that night I couldn't sleep. I was worried about the girl, obviously. And wanting her to be OK, and that's what she told me, she was OK. I was comforted by that," he said. "But then, obviously, you never want to make mistakes on camera, in front of millions of people, on live television. But at the same time, the next day, it was OK.

"I started to deal with it, and laugh with it and roll with the punches, and that's all you can do," he added. "We're human ... everyone has had a moment like that in some way. It's just that mine was on television."

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