Smash Mouth To Shoot New Video At Home

While the country is still grooving to the sounds of Smash Mouth's "All Star," the band is preparing to release the next single and video from its "Astro Lounge" album, "Then the Morning Comes.

The clip will be shot this week in the group's home city of San Jose, California, a location which has its advantages, as Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell explained to the MTV Radio Network. Not only are the group's local friends available for screen time, but the band also avoids a trip to Hollywood. "It's going to be our version of a rap video, because it's going to have all our friends in it," Harwell told the MTV Radio Network.

The video for "Then the Morning Comes" will be directed by Scott Marshall, bassist for the band Chavez and son of director Garry Marshall (see "Smash Mouth's Harwell Sounds Off About Concert Violence"). According to a representative from the band's label, we should expect it to air starting in mid-September.

Meanwhile, Smash Mouth will hit the road with

Lenny Kravitz and Buckcherry beginning on August 25th at the Target Center in Minneapolis (see [article id="1426644"]"Lenny Kravitz Sets Dates For Tour With Smash Mouth, Buckcherry"[/article]).