One Direction Tattoo Artist Gives Up Details On Zayn's Girlfriend-Inspired Ink

John Garancheski tells MTV News about 1D's visit to his Maryland tattoo parlor.

One Direction are almost as well known for their assortment of body ink as they are for their catchy pop tunes. And this week, they added even more to their tattoo collection.

With some time off in between gigs on their Take Me Home tour, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik stopped by Tattooed Heart Studios in Glen Burnie, Maryland, to get some new ink.

"That was pretty fun times on Monday night," artist John Garancheski told MTV News of the session, which Liam Payne was there to watch. "It didn't really hit me right away. ... They were so casual and they were such nice guys. They were super cool. So they came in and they had a couple ideas of what they wanted to get done. And Louis and Zayn were the ones who actually ended up getting tattoos. Liam had some ideas, I think, but he wasn't super committed. He went and kicked around town."

Zayn had a very specific image in his mind for his new ink: a female in the likeness of his real-life girlfriend, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards -- "like a comic caricature kind of thing." Garancheski was a little nervous that he wouldn't have enough time.

"He wasn't pushy. He was like 'I really want this and I'd like you to do it,' " he recalled. "He showed me a picture of his girlfriend, Perrie, and he was like 'I kind of want it to look like her, but not to be her, to kind of be like a comic-style version of her.'

The whole thing ended up taking Garancheski a couple hours. He was sure to take his time since he knew how much attention it would be getting.

"I wouldn't say that I treated the artwork creation process different than I would for anybody just because I always want to put my best foot forward," he explained. "At the same time I think it added an extra little bit of edge to it [given how little time we had]."

So, what does Garancheski think of Zayn's other ink? "They had a pretty wide range of tattoos ... they were sporting some pretty cool tattoos," he said. "[Zayn} seemed like he had some pretty good work on him. From a technical aspect some of their tattoos were not so great, but they had some great work too. So it looked like a great collection of stuff."