Lorde Is Done With The Media Throwing Artists Under The Bus

The 17-year-old just wants writers to stick to their opinions.

Lorde has proven herself to be the kind of musician that speaks her mind -- from reflecting on anti-feminist themes in Selena Gomez's music to calling out Photoshop nose jobs.

This past weekend, Lorde hit the Web to air her grievances again, this time against flip-flopping journalists and Complex in particular. Complex, in turn, fired back.

On her Tumblr, Lorde posted side-by-side image of Iggy Azalea's Complex cover story and a recent not-so-good review of The New Classic.

"bugs me how publications like complex will profile interesting artists in order to sell copies/get clicks and then sh-- on their records?" Lorde wrote. "it happens to me all the time- pitchfork and that ilk being like 'can we interview you?' after totally taking the piss out of me in a review. have a stance on an artist and stick to it. don’t act like you respect them then throw them under the bus."

Then Iggy herself came forward to support the 17-year-old singer's view. In addition, Grimes reblogged the post, writing, “hahaha yes — i agree with this," while Azalea responded via a series of tweets, one reading: "I agree @lordemusic media LOVE to flop about, But when you're completely spineless Im sure its hard to stick to even ur own opinion #GoGirl"

Complex responded soon after in a post titled "Why Lorde, Iggy Azalea, & Grimes Are Wrong About Criticism and Journalism."

The main thrust of the piece was that there's a difference between music journalism and music criticism and a publication has a right to feature both -- and to change and evolve its opinion on an artist as more music and information come to light.

"The job of a journalist profiling an interesting artist is to bring their story to life for an audience," the article argued. "The job of a music critic writing a review is to put an album in the proper context for listeners and, yes, share their opinion on the album."

The piece also pointed out that Azalea was featured on the cover before the record came out and that just because the publication had supported the rapper in the past does not mean it can't be critical of future and current works.

"No one should stick to their opinion when new facts (possibly in the form of new music) are made available that can alter your views," the piece said. "Art and artistry are fluid things."

It's unclear whether the rapper has read the story yet. When a fan tweeted it at her, she responded, "They are so desperate for clicks it's not even funny."

What do you think? Are Lorde and Co. right? Or does Complex have a point?

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