Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Holiday Photo Shows Just How Exhausting 2016 Was

Happy holidays. But also, can it just be 2017 already?

Look, 2016 was rough on pretty much everybody. We can say this now. We've been saying it all along. And when most of your life is spent making yourself, your family, and your lifestyle open to the public for inspiration and imitation, it takes a toll. No one knows this better — on December 27, three days from the end of the most exhausting year in recent memory — than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

But there's good news! They want to wish us all happy holidays. See?

Here we have the First Family of Pop Culture: Kanye, Kim, North, and baby Saint, doing their best to look regal and warm in front of a festive Christmas tree. But it looks a little ... off, doesn't it?

Firstly, this looks like a photo of a photo, and not just any photo, but a cheap Kodak print from a disposable camera in 1996. It's also a bit fuzzy, though Kim's gold dress shines through OK, and all four have a slight deer-in-headlights look across their faces. Can you blame them?

This photo will be used to illustrate whatever this year ends up being for the Kardashian-West clan — whether it's a turning point or a last hurrah or the darkness just before the dawn. In a year that stole Kim Kardashian and found Kanye West taking meetings with President-elect Donald Trump shortly after a hospital stay, a little space isn't just necessary. It might be the new normal.

Happy holidays. Happy New Year, too. Here's to 2017.