Jennifer Lawrence Pees In Bidets And Amy Schumer Has Seen It Go Down

Like a moth to a flame

Amy Schumer is on the cover of the May issue of Vanity Fair, and in addition to lookin' glam and giving fans insight into her breakout year, she does something more unexpected — she fact-checks Jennifer Lawrence's recent interview answers.

They all check out, but the biggest reveal comes when Amy confirms that not only does Academy Award–winner Jennifer Lawrence pee in bidets, but she's seen it go down. "That girl, if she sees a bidet, she's gonna piss in it, " Amy says. The more you know.

In November, Jennifer posted a video totally joking that she had just peed in a bidet, but now we all know the truth. It may not have happened then, but it's definitely happened. There are eyewitnesses.

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