6LACK and Khalid's 'Seasons' Shows Affection Often Isn't Grand, It's In The Details

Plus, there are dancing tattoos

It took some time, but 6LACK and Khalid have finally released the video for "Seasons" from 6lack's 2018 album, East Atlanta Love Letter. The svelte and heartfelt video is all about the minutiae of real love, not the sweeping gestures of wet and sloppy kisses and bedrooms full of roses. Instead, the pair show everything that exists between these kinds of grand gestures, creating a video that's heartwarming, emotional, and slightly creepy (there are dancing tattoos).

There's a lot to love about the depictions of love in "Seasons." 6LACK is a participator while Khalid is a surveyor; the former nuzzles at his partner's head affectionately while the latter watches a couple embrace each other on the horizon while they watch clouds in the sky. Around these depictions of love, there's a father who braids his daughter's hair, a couple who look to be at wits' end in a bedroom with each other, but still entranced by each other's appearance, and another set of partners who bask in each other's scents with their eyes clothes. There doesn't need to be anything said by any of these parties aside from the fuzzy notes sung by 6LACK and Khalid; we can see the feelings in the touches and expressions by each and every person.

6LACK appeared in Kehlani's video for "RPG" earlier this year, which was inspired by Netflix's series The OA. In February, he collaborated with Normani for the misty and seductive tune, "Waves."

Watch 6LACK and Khalid show off true love in "Seasons" up above.