7 Christopher Pike Books That Would Make Spooktacular Movies

The Stephen King for teens should be on the big screen.

Christopher Pike ruled YA horror in the late '80s and early '90s -- and is still producing his twisty brand of chills today. But so far, only one of his books has been made into a movie. With over 60 novels published and Hollywood on a YA novel kick, Pike's oeuvre is prime for adaptation. To make Hollywood's job even easier, we’ve picked seven of his novels worthy of the leap from page to silver screen... If you're not too scared.

"Gimme A Kiss"

Christopher Pike

Gimme A Kiss

Here’s the gist: Jane keeps all her secrets in a diary. Then the worst possible thing happens -- photocopied pages of her diary are passed around school. But it turns out they aren’t really secrets and are actually her fantasies. Either way? Super embarrassing.

Humiliated Jane wants revenge, so she comes up with a convoluted plan to frame the two people she blames for the diary incident for her murder. Then after they’ve spent the weekend stewing in jail, she will reveal she was fine the whole time. It seems pretty clear that someone who comes up with this type of plan is not "fine."

But surprise, surprise, things don’t go according to plan and people end up dead. Like dead, dead and not fake dead.

What makes it movie-worthy? There’s tons of suspense about who is dead and how and why things went wrong, a fight on a boat, scuba diving sequences, gunfire, a Molotov cocktail, a house fire, and teens with twisted plans. Plus a hot cop. Hot cops always make a movie more fun to watch.

"Fall Into Darkness"

Fall Into Darkness

Here’s the gist: Ann’s brother killed himself a year ago, and Ann blames her best friend Sharon. To punish her, Ann decides to fake her death and frame Sharon for her murder.

Hmmm... sounds familiar. And that’s the cool part. Ann got the idea for this nefarious scheme from reading "Gimme A Kiss!" You’d think maybe she’d have second thoughts since things didn’t go so well in that book, but nope -- revenge mode activated!

We’re sure you’ll be completely shocked and astounded to learn nothing goes according to plan here either. And again people end up most sincerely dead rather than I’m-just-faking-my-death dead.

What makes it movie-worthy? Actually, this is the one Pike book that was made into a movie, and except for the presence of '90s heartthrob Jonathan Brandis (RIP), it was... Not great. But it’s such a fun, convoluted story that we think it deserves another chance.

"Slumber Party"

Christopher Pike

Slumber Party

Here’s the gist: A group of six friends had a slumber party when they were ten that went all kinds of wrong after booze, a candle, and an Ouija board were mixed together. One girl was horribly burned and another ended up dead. Not a fun party at all.

Years later, the burned girl wants to get the old gang together for the first time since the accident at her parents' ski chalet. In the middle of nowhere. Sounds like an awesome plan and surely nothing will go wrong. Let’s go!

You don’t need an Ouija board to predict bad things go down. First there’s an impossibly melted snowman, then one of the girls disappears, and then there’s fire. So much fire. It’s yet another revenge scheme that goes nothing like planned. Maybe Pike’s characters should learn to forgive and forget?

What makes it movie-worthy? Snow and fire always look amazing on the big screen, so with so much of both, it would at least be a very pretty movie. Plus there would be the flashback scene of the tipsy ten-year-olds, which is disturbing yet kind of funny.

"Chain Letter"

Christopher Pike

Chain Letter

Here’s the gist: Seven drunk friends are driving home from a concert when they hit a man. Instead of turning themselves in, they bury the man in the desert. We know from "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (the book AND the movie) that this will not end well.

A year later, one of the friends gets a letter in the mail from The Caretaker. It says he knows their sins and will punish them unless they complete tasks listed in the newspaper classifieds -- and then pass the letter to the next friend on the list. The tasks range from humiliating (streaking the cafeteria) to doing things that put their futures in jeopardy (claiming they cheated on their SATs).

When some of the friends refuse to do their tasks, they get hurt. Later they get dead.

What makes it movie-worthy? Threatening people through snail mail and newspaper ads is old school, so that part would need a social media update. But after that it gets to the good stuff: a car crash, a house fire, druggings, falling theater scenery, gunfire, and empty, bloody bedrooms. Plus, the movie could be shown in driver’s ed classes to highlight the dangers of drunk driving. Seriously, people, don’t drink and drive!

Bonus: Hollywood always wants movies with sequel potential, and there’s already “Chain Letter 2: The Ancient Evil.” It gets even crazier. How crazy? It involves satanic cults and walking dead people.

"The Eternal Enemy"

Christopher Pike

The Eternal Enemy

Here’s the gist: Rela wants a VCR and spends all the money she’s saved to get one. She sets it to record a movie, but when she plays it back, it’s the news instead. News from the future!!

As an enterprising broke person, she uses this future knowledge of football and baseball scores to make money. Once she’s rich, she decides to be good person by trying to stop a group of people from being killed, but only manages to save one of the four. Even worse, the next report she sees on future news is about a teen being mutilated. And she’s the teen!

As Rela tries to save herself, things get even crazier. There are time travelers and ray guns and robots. Yes, robots. And of course death. There’s always death.

What makes it movie-worthy? Did you not read the part about time travelers and ray guns and robots?!? Plus, throughout the novel, Rela has these intense dreams where she merges with walls and members of a cult strap her to a dentist chair and cut open her brain, which will make for some pretty trippy scenes.

"Remember Me"

Christopher Pike

Remember Me

Here’s the gist: Shari is hanging out on a balcony at a friend’s party feeling sorry for herself because of her cheating boyfriend. The next thing she knows, she falling. When she wakes up, she realizes she’s a ghost. Everyone thinks she jumped, but she knows she was pushed.

Fortunately, she runs into hot fellow ghost Peter, who gives her the 411 on being dead. And because he had a thing for her when they both still had pulses, he agrees to help her solve her murder.

What makes it movie-worthy? All kinds of crazy ghost stuff. As Shari gets used to being a spirit, she learns to zap herself where she wants to be, to control the movements of humans, and even to get herself injected into her brother via syringe. Yeah, that sounds gross, but it’s to save his life, and think about how cool it will look in CGI.

Bonus: There are two more "Remember Me" books continuing Shari’s adventures -- "Remember Me 2: The Return" and "Remember Me 3: The Last Story" -- so this would actually make a fun TV series. Kind of like a ghostly "Veronica Mars," as Shari solves mysteries from the afterlife.


Christopher Pike


Here’s the gist: Angela is chillin’ at a party when her best friend Mary bursts in with a shotgun, kills a football player and a cheerleader, and tries to kill her own boyfriend Jim. When she’s arrested, she tells Angela and the police that her targets have supernatural strength and are not human.

Of course Angela thinks Mary is crazy, and then decides the rational thing to do is date Jim. Ya know, her best friend’s boyfriend who Mary just told her is a literal monster. Girl, what is wrong with you?!?

During a very disgusting make-out session, Jim spreads his blood all over Angela (ew!), and later she wakes up extremely hungry. For raw meat. Now the race is on to figure out what she’s turning into, and since HUNGER burns inside her, there’s bound to be a few bodies along the way.

What makes it movie-worthy? Super strong teens, bloody hookups, cannibalism, an explosion, and an absolutely bonkers backstory. This is a cheesy Syfy movie dying to be made!

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