11 Reasons It’s Time For The Avengers To Get A New Hawkeye

Don't worry, he's got a great replacement.

Spoilers for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" follow!

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" really shook up the line-up of our favorite superhero movie team -- now that Iron Man's retiring, Thor's busy, and Banner's MIA, there's plenty of room for fan favorites like Sam "Falcon" Wilson, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, and Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff.

But what about Hawkeye? We know that Jeremy Renner is coming back for "Captain America: Civil War," but that doesn't mean he's still a part of the team -- after all, Tony Stark'll be around too. Since the Marvel Universe is expanding so much over the next phase, maybe it's time to bring in a brand new Hawkeye too... one who's sure to knock the socks off of movie audiences.

First of all, Barton Needs To Spend More Time With His Family.

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Hawkeye Comic

As if there wasn't a target on Clint's back already (pun intended) because of his status as the most breakable Avenger, now that we know he has a secret wife and kids whom he keeps promising home repair projects, it's even more likely that he'll bite the dust some point soon. Best to get out of the superhero life while he still can.

Plus, Jeremy Renner Keeps Annoying Everybody Lately.

jeremy renner

Renner did an amazing job portraying Hawkeye in the movie, but he sure had made a mess of the rest of this year's press junket. Hey, Jeremy? Stop trying to defend your comments about Black Widow being a "slut." It's just not cool, bro. Maybe Renner needs some time to cool off?

But Good News! Clint Barton Has An AMAZING Comic Book Replacement Already.

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pretty much

Meet Kate Bishop. She's about to become your new favorite person.

First Of All, She's Kinda Like The Female Oliver Queen.


The youngest socialite daughter of a rich New York family, Bishop made the switch to superheroics after she was assaulted in Central Park. To cope with the trauma, she became a master of martial arts and archery -- oh, and she went to therapy, too. Most superheroes skip that step.

Except She Also Has An Amazing Sense Of Humor.

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love life

Her expertise is in making fun of Clint Barton, but the MCU can probably find someone else for her to scoff at. Tony, maybe?

She Took Over The "Hawkeye" Title After Barton Gave It Up For A While.

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And then she joined the Young Avengers, a team of teenagers who saved the world with Captain America's blessing. They're pretty great.

Nowadays Her Life Is A Little More Relatable.

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She might have been born with a lot of money and privilege, but while trying to make it on her own as a private investigator in California, Kate ran into all the problems all twenty-somethings do. Like trying to afford groceries, for example.

And Did We Mention She's Great At Her Job?


Way better than Steve is. Get it together, Steve!

Even Clint Barton Thinks She's Rad.

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The man knows when he's beat.

And She's NOT Here To Be Objectified.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.57.06 PM

Black Widow uses sexism to her advantage if it helps her complete a mission, but not Kate Bishop. She will blow her own cover to tell you what a creep you are.

Basically, She's The Best.

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Well, most of the time.