'Breaking Dawn' Secrets Revealed: Kristen Stewart's 'Doll' Double

"It was creepy ... in a good way," special effects supervisor tells MTV News of creating the Kristen Stewart look-alike.

For all the "Twilight" fans familiar with "Breaking Dawn," via both Stephenie Meyer's source material as well as the movie "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," you know that the much-discussed, heavily hyped birth scene is one of the more graphic and disturbing scenes in all of Meyer's mostly PG-rated world.

It's safe to say that curiosity was fully piqued when it came to seeing how director Bill Condon decided to adapt it in the film.

In a nutshell, the scene is pretty graphic and cringe-worthy. For those who have seen the "Making Of" documentary with the recently released DVD/Blu-Ray or happened to catch the sneak peek MTV News got ahead of time last week, you've been introduced to the Bella doll that the filmmaking team used in place of Kristen Stewart for a few scenes. This week's Twilight Tuesday brings you a few fun details about the making of the doll, to which I affectionately refer as "Robot Bella" (even though it/she is clearly not a robot).

According to John Rosengrant, the film's animatronics and special makeup effects supervisor, the idea behind the creation of the Bella replica doll was to make the birthing/near-death scene appear as real as possible and to show Bella in her very emaciated form that Meyer describes in the book.

"It's very hybrid, the approach," he told MTV News. "We tried to shape the whole Bella, what she looks like emaciated and all that, but it's also digitally augmented, and that was from the get-go, this was going to be a hybrid-type effect."

If you look closely at the features of the doll, especially when Robert Pattinson is shown acting out that very emotional scene with it, there is a creepy element involved.

"It was creepy when we created the look of her, in a good way," Rosengrant said. "I was actually shocked that that was the edict and I think that is maybe [credit] to Bill Condon as the director, wanting to make something like that real because the previous movies didn't strike me that they would embrace something like this."

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