Colm Feore's Mysterious 'Thor' Role Required 'Five Hours' of Makeup

"Marvel hasn't allowed me to say anything," related Feore during an interview with The Montreal Gazette. "I can tell you makeup took me five hours every day, and that made for a very long day. But [Kenneth] Branagh is a genius at scheduling, so it worked out fine for me."

"It was a lot of fun to do," added Feore. "And I imagine it's going to be huge."

Feore has appeared in numerous films and TV series, including "Face/Off," "24," "La Femme Nikita," "The Chronicles of Riddick," "Changeling" and "Flashpoint."

Given Feore's wide acting range, speculation has placed him as a potential older version of Baldur The Brave or even the fire giant Surtur, who is one of Asgard's greatest enemies.

Back in April, rumors emerged that another well-known Thor villain could play a part in "Thor," though the veil of secrecy has begun to peel away from the film in other areas since then. Two weeks ago, the first picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor emerged online.

"Thor" will hit movie theaters in May 2011.

Who do you think Colm Feore will play within "Thor"? Which part do you think he would be perfect for? Call down the rain and thunder and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!

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