Heidi Montag On Al Roker Interview: 'Lord Jesus, Take This Demon Out!' '

'I don't know why he felt the need to persecute Speidi for nothing,' Spencer Pratt says of 'Today' interview.

When "Hills" stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sat down with Al Roker on the "Today" show Monday morning (June 15) to talk about their [article id="1613492"]departure from "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" last week,[/article], the interview quickly and surprisingly turned antagonistic, escalating into a [article id="1613935"]battle of words between Roker and Speidi[/article]

that continued -- on Twitter, Ryan Seacrest's radio show and now on MTV News -- after the show had aired.

Early Monday afternoon, just hours after the interview, Speidi came to MTV's headquarters in New York to talk about their battle of words with Roker, whom they called "the weatherman" in a nod to Roker's more familiar role.

"I think when he got to work in the morning and he was doing his normal weather job, he was looking and it was partly cloudy, he must have taken that personally," Pratt said, "because I don't know why he felt the need to persecute Speidi for nothing."

Heidi, who claimed the [article id="1613260"]devil made her leave the jungle on "I'm a Celebrity"[/article] after the couple's first departure from the show, took a similar tack in criticizing Roker over the interview.

"Honestly, I was like, 'Lord Jesus, take this demon out. This is crazy!,' " she said. "I felt like he was attacking me personally, demanding an answer from me and being so strong with his voice. I'm a woman and I don't appreciate that. I had just woke up. Good morning to you too, sir!"

After mockingly impersonating Roker, Spencer had a message for the host: "Shout-out to you, 'cause I had no idea who you were until this morning, so I pray you become more relevant."

Heidi then posed a question to Roker, asking, "Are you proud of how you talked to me? Are you proud of that? 'Cause I don't think your mom would be proud that you talked to a girl like that."

For his part, Roker Tweeted about the interview a second time on Monday afternoon, writing, "And the firestorm over Speidi continues. She claims I attacked her. Go to & watch."

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