What Breakup? Lil Wayne And Christina Millian Just Released ‘Do It’

What breakup rumors?

Breakup rumors aren’t stopping Christina Milian and Lil Wayne from releasing their “Do It” collaboration.

“I used to be afraid of them boys like you,” Milian sings on the cut, which premiered on Complex today. “That’s because I know the type of things you do/ Know it’s hard out here for a G like you/ Crazy as it sounds, that’s why I like you.”

"She said she don’t usually do this, she a lady,” he rhymes with his signature sing-song Auto-Tuned flow. “And then we made love, n---a, we made it.”

The sultry Marley Waters-produced song is a single off Milian’s upcoming Like Me EP which is set to drop Oct. 30.

Meanwhile, breakup rumors are persisting based on an anonymous source. Guess we'll wait and see if there's any truth to that. But at least we've got new music.

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