The Weeknd Hints That His New Album Is Almost Finished

I can't feel my face I'm so excited

Today (March 23), The Weeknd posted three Instagram videos with the caption "mastering." Over the last month, the R&B artist has been teasing photos and silent videos that show him working in the studio, singing, and testing new music in the car.

So what is "mastering?" According to Splice, "Mastering is the process of finalizing a song by applying subtle technical touches to allow it to compete commercially with other songs in the market." In short, his album is getting ready for mass consumption.

Fans aren't the only ones thrilled about the potential for new Tesfaye songs. Earlier this month, Travis Scott tweeted his excitement for the upcoming album.

"Abel new album is scray," Travis wrote. "It’s like when I first heard him for the first time. Fuckkkkkk !!!!!"

In a 2016 interview with Billboard centered around 2016's Starboy, Abel shared he was already thinking about his next project.

"After this album’s done we’ll be ­working," The Weeknd said. "I have ideas and songs that I want to get out of my head."

Before the Starboy era is closed, make sure to get The Weeknd's upcoming comic book. He's going to be fighting cannibals, which seems like a very Abel thing to do.