Nick Carter Cheated on Paris Hilton with Ashlee Simpson

I'd always thought Ashlee Simpson's song "Boyfriend" was directed toward Lindsay Lohan, and that the "boyfriend" she "didn't steal" referred to Simpson's ex, playboy Wilmer Valderrama, who was linked to Simpson after his break-up with Lohan. Now it's looking like the story might be more intriguing.

Nick Carter is on a mission either to promote his new show, House of Carters, to single-handedly destroy Paris Hilton, or to rid himself entirely of self respect. It's hard to tell at this point. But after admitting earlier in the week to losing his virginity to a convicted pedophile, he told Page Six this weekend that he cheated on Paris Hilton with Ashlee Simpson after learning that she'd been cheating on him.

Says Carter:

I'd fallen head over heels with this chick. Then, all of a sudden, three months go by and I got people telling me, 'Nick, you know what Paris is doing to you,' and I got a little upset. So then I just decided to fight back a little bit and started doing my own thing again. The result is I hooked up with Ashlee Simpson. When Paris came back from Australia, they talked to each other and she found out about it. So I brought it up to her and said, 'You know what I did, and now it's your turn. Why don't you tell me what you did.' And she goes, 'I never did anything! I never cheated on you.' I had kind of started to really like Ashlee and I was thinking about the dating stage, then, before you know it ****ing bitch-face comes back.

Please, people, please. Watch House of Carters, because if we have to find out that Nick Carter made a sex tape involving mice in condoms and Lance Bass, no one wins.

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