Captain America And Black Panther Team Up In Epic First 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer

Spider-Man vs. Thanos! Cap's hiatus beard! Thor meets the Guardians! This trailer is epic.

Earth's mightiest heroes may have finally met their match in the mad titan Thanos. The first Avengers: Infinity War trailer finds our heroes defending the world from Thanos and the Black Order, but as we've learned, death follows that guy like a shadow — so Spidey, you and your freshly minted spidey sense better watch out.

"In time, you will know what it will be like to lose," Thanos says, followed by an array of harrowing footage of him pummeling the Avengers. In what seems like an ill-advised plan, teenage Spider-Man — in his new suit! — takes on Thanos one-on-one on what looks like an alien planet, which ends with poor Peter Parker being crushed. In another scene, one of Thanos's goons attempts to take the Mind Stone from Vision, which could prove to be fatal for the humanoid.

Other observations include: Captain America's hiatus beard, Black Widow's blond hair, Tony Stark in mourning (he better not be mourning over Peter Parker's body), Vision and Scarlet Witch making heart-eyes at one another, Loki holding the Tesseract and looking slimy as hell, Thor meeting the Guardians, and Bruce Banner looking as confused as even in the New York Sanctum with Doctor Strange.

Oh, and there's a massive battle to save the world on Wakanda. Cap and T'Challa punching space goblins in the face is exactly what we needed today.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018.

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