Shooting At Chris Brown's San Jose Concert Leaves Five Injured

The singer is reportedly unscathed following the incident.

At least five people were shot during a Chris Brown show in San Jose, California's Fiesta nightclub Sunday (January 11) at approximately 1:20a.m.

The singer was performing “Loyal” when a fight reportedly broke out in the crowd. “Oh, them n----s is getting it in over there,” Brown said as he saw the scuffle. Then shots rang out.

San Jose Mercury News reports that five people were injured and hospitalized due to the shooting and that all of them are expected to survive.

Brown reportedly tweeted that he was “100” following the shooting, however that tweet has since been deleted.

While no details have been released about the shooter or shooters, several people were reportedly detained following the incident.

One audience member captured some disturbing footage of the shooting and the aftermath.

This isn’t the first time violence has erupted during a Chris Brown-related event. In August, Suge Knight was shot during a pre-VMA party hosted by Brown.

By September, following a stabbing after a Brown performance, it was reported that LAPD officials were asking club owners not to book Brown for shows due to concerns about violence.

Also in September, while battling stories about violence at his shows, Chris Brown denied rumors of a gang affiliation. “When you’re in L.A. and you’re around people, you meet everybody — you meet Crips, you meet Bloods, especially in this industry that I’m in,” he said, adding that he’s “cordial” towards gang members he meets.

Chris Brown is set to embark on his Between The Sheets tour at the end of the month and he's also planning out the release of Fan of a Fan 2.

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