'Duplicity' Co-Stars Julia Roberts, Clive Owen Talk Nude Scenes

'You have to bring it down to such a base level, don't you?' Owen teases our movies editor.

Superstar-driven movies anchored by a dreamily brooding man and an effortlessly winning woman will never go out of style -- not so long as filmmakers like Tony Gilroy ("Michael Clayton") continue to write juicy roles like the ones in the new caper "Duplicity."

When MTV News caught up with the leading twosome from "Duplicity" -- Julia Roberts and Clive Owen -- we decided to mix it up a bit with the previous co-stars of "Closer." Sure, we got a little forward with Julia Roberts, but can you blame us? We did get a back rub out of the interview. Eat your heart out, Richard Gere.

MTV: So, Clive, how is it to work with someone that's totally devoid of any charisma for an extended period of time?

Clive Owen: You just have to work that much harder, you know? I created the charisma for us both.

MTV: Similarly, Julia, a man ...

Julia Roberts: A short man.

MTV: A short man, very little appeal, sexually or otherwise. What do you do? You're an Oscar winner.

Roberts: I am.

MTV: As she reminds you?

Owen: Every day. It's in her trailer.

Roberts: Mounted. So when you open the door, it's right there. His memory's not great. So it's just a constant reminder.

MTV: Clive, could we switch seats? I've always wanted to play a scene with Julia. Is that cool?

Owen: Go. Go.

[Josh switches seats with Clive to sit next to Julia.]

Roberts: I like how you asked Clive!

Owen: I warn you now -- don't try anything!

MTV: I want you to be honest: Is there any shot for us?

Roberts: Are you feeling feverish?

MTV: It is getting a little warm.

Roberts: How long have you worn glasses? Do you want me to clean them for you?

MTV: They're a little dirty. They're a little schmootzy.

Roberts: They are.

[Julia takes Josh's glasses and starts to clean them.]

MTV: My wife actually says that every day to me.

Roberts: Your wife -- that's funny.

MTV: I don't want to be more awkward than I already have been, but ...

Roberts: Impossible.

MTV: In 20-plus years, we have never seen this woman naked.

Roberts: True enough!

MTV: She has played a prostitute and been in a film called "Full Frontal," and we still have never seen her naked.

Roberts: This is true! The man does his research!

Owen: You have to bring it down to such a base level, don't you?

MTV: [To Owen] I've seen your ass on screen. [To Julia] I have not seen yours.

Owen: Easy, tiger!

Roberts: Hey, a nice ass is a nice ass.

MTV: Julia, Which of your films are you planning on showing the twins first?

Roberts: I don't know. Right now, they just love musicals. They love "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins" and "Singing in the Rain."

MTV: You weren't in those. I guess they're too young for the Miley Cyrus/ Jonas Brothers kind of thing?

Roberts: No, they don't ...

MTV: Are you into either of those?

Roberts: Strangely, no. I'm too old.

MTV: Well, I wouldn't undersell the Jonas Brothers. They have mass appeal. One last question, what's all this stuff about retirement and you?

Roberts: That's just your colleagues stirring the little pot.

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