Nas' Controversial LP Bumped To February: Black History Month

Rapper tells MTV News that song recently leaked online will not be on upcoming album.

So far there's been a lot of talk about Nas' [article id="1571889"]controversially titled new LP, Nigger,[/article] but no music. The man -- and the album's title -- has caused [article id="1572287"]incitement and excitement[/article] without the public hearing a single note or rap.

Nas had originally planned to put the project out next month, but according to his camp, the album has been pushed to February: Black History Month. Nas told MTV News the first single will drop sometime in January.

And over the weekend, a snippet of what was labeled a new Nas record called "What It Is" leaked to the Net.

"Racist neighbors flinchin'," he rhymes. "They don't know if I'mma rob them/ Or if I'm Russell Simmons/ They thought it was me, just like Mike Bivens/ They pray for my downfall like the mom of Robin Givens."

Nas' camp said the MC is still working out the album's final track list. On Monday afternoon (November 26), Nas himself clarified to MTV News that "What It Is" will definitely not be on the album. Those are vocals that were leaked and added onto a random beat.

"I never rhymed to that beat," he said.

Atlanta's DJ Toomp (T.I., Ludacris) and longtime Nas collaborator Salaam Remi have already contributed tracks, in addition to a slew of new producers. Diddy and his new Hitmen are also scheduled to come onboard before production closes in the next week or so.

While community leaders such as the Reverend Al Sharpton have spoken out against Nas' use of the N-word, the wordsmith has gained a swell of [article id="1573280"]support from his peers[/article] -- including Alicia Keys, Method Man, LL Cool J and even Def Jam founder Russell Simmons -- as well as current [article id="1572402"]label head L.A. Reid[/article].