'She'd Better Slow Her Roll': Will Angelina Tolerate Snooki's Antics On 'Family Vacation'?

The not-so-newlywed can only take so many crab cakes in her hair

So much for the dirty martinis truce between Snooki and Angelina.

Tonight's Jersey Shore quickly morphed into Mawmas Gone Wild mere hours into Nicole's family vacation visit for her bestie JWOWW's birthday. (No judgies here, Nicole. Mawmas work hella hard!). But when the meatball started coming at Angelina (in between shots of Tito's), the roomies' "good time" started to go south. Enter Dren, Nicole's drunken "dark side."


"She treats you terribly. I hope one day you find a respectable woman," Snooki Dren told Angelina's husband, Chris, before telling her roommate, "I'm sorry, but you treat him like dog sh*t. Angelina, you're so embarrassing."

JWOWW, meanwhile, quickly confessed her concern.

"I'm a little worried right now," she said. "Nicole just transferred into Dren. Her drunk split personality — that b*tch is crazy."

Nicole then admitted that she's been harboring a little deep-seated resentment toward Angelina: "I'm annoyed at her with the whole Point Pleasant thing."

"Point Pleasant? What the f*ck? You're bringing up something from two years ago," Ang said. "Nicole, you sit there and say you want no drama, but then you're trying to fight with me. You make absolutely no sense." [25:05]

Angelina opted to let it go — despite their past problems at the shore.

"But if she wasn't drunk, I would be pissed off," said the Staten Island native. "It's taken a lot for me to shut my mouth and take the f*ckin' high road."

Nicole continued testing Angelina's newfound patience by chucking crab cakes at her head, while the not-so-newlywed tried to ignore it.

"There's no excuse for her to be acting like this. Like, we were good the other day," she said. "How much more can I take? Throwing sh*t at my hair, like, get the f*ck out of here. She's so lucky she's drunk. I got crabs in my f*ckin' hair."

As long as Dren's around, will Angelina be able to keep her cool? Sound off in the comments, then catch an all-new episode Thursday at 8/7c.

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