You Probably Want To Study Beyonce In College—But Definitely Not Like This

This 'Pretty Hurts' course description from the Art Center College of Design is pretty off base.

To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left, Art Center College of Design. Because your latest course description has put the Beygency on high alert for its utter disrespect for Beyoncé Knowles.

The California-based arts college has come under fire from Beyoncé fans after a listing for their course titled "Pretty Hurts," which not only maligns the singers outspoken feminism but also inaccurately describes her rapper empresario husband, Jay Z, as a "pimp,"—uhh excuse me? Last time I checked platinum-selling, Grammy-winning rap mogul and hip hop icon does not a "pimp" make.

Here's the course description, which can also be found on the college's website:

Touting Beyoncé as a figure that has rendered her own — and the idea of — feminism moot because she "sings about domestic violence with her pimp husband," the course frames the idea that Beyoncé herself has stripped the movement of its meaning and rendered it "manipulated" because "everything means nothing and nothing means anything."

"What does it mean to make work that is too 'pretty'?" the course description asks. "How do you call yourself a feminist today if the Beyoncés of the world are hijacking the word? Does pretty hurt?"

Naturally, with such blatant disrespect for Beyoncé's work to champion equality between men and women, empowering countless young women to stand up for themselves and their basic human rights—people are pretty upset.

Academic haters gonna hate, but Bey's work speaks for itself. We're just leave this here:

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