Maddie Ziegler Floats Through Clouds In Sia's New Video With Diplo And Labrinth

'Thunderclouds' gets a Wizard of Oz-type adventure

It must be cool to be Maddie Ziegler, knowing that if somehow nothing else works out — which is ludicrous, as she's already made the jump to film — at least she always has work as long as Sia is calling the shots.

And because she still is, Ziegler takes center stage in the newest video for Sia's soul-pop collaboration with Diplo and Labrinth, "Thunderclouds." Together, the trio are known as LSD. Ziegler once again acts as a conduit for Sia herself, dancing and moving on top of a flying car, as Diplo drives the car and Labrinth rides in a cloud sidecar.

The whimsical clip, directed by Ernest Desumbila, also features a puppet Sia, which gives the whole thing a pseudo Wizard of Oz-meets-Star Wars vibe as the four companions eventually end up making camp in the desert and naturally floating through some treacherous thunderclouds.

"Thunderclouds" is one of three LSD songs released in 2018, alongside the airy "Audio" and the plodding "Genius."

On Instagram, Ziegler shared that she "had the most fun ever" shooting the video. Watch the full thing above.