Fall Out Boy's 'Save Rock And Roll' Storyline: We Know What Happens Next!

Pete Wentz says FOB's next videos will feature fire, wild animals ... and Daft Punk?

Last week, Fall Out Boy unveiled the third chapter in their ongoing "Youngblood Chronicles" -- aka the story of how they ended up in the back of [article id="1701643"]2 Chainz's van[/article] -- via a brand-new video for "Young Volcanoes," which keeps things dark and druggy, but adds some boobs for dramatic effect.

Yes, in just about every conceivable way, the three clips they've released off Save Rock and Roll have been a dramatic departure for FOB ... which is precisely the point. And, as the storyline progresses, things are only going to get weirder, as Pete Wentz explained to MTV News.

"We know how the story ends and we have rough idea of what happens in between," he wrote in an email. "Some of it will probably be made up, [we'll add] some wild animals and stuff getting lit on fire -- you know, a basic guide to curing teenage suburban boredom."

And though Fall Out Boy have jumpstarted the storyline by releasing three clips in rapid succession (it all began with "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)" and continued in [article id="1704255"]"The Phoenix"[/article]), Wentz said it may be a minute before fans get their next fix -- "the new chapter should be up in time for our tour this spring," he wrote -- but rest assured, whatever's happening to he and his bandmates in the videos, there will be a conclusion. It just might not be the kind of happy ending FOB fans are expecting.

"In some ways, we were inspired by Daft Punk's ["Electroma" film], not literally inspired by it, but more the idea of the deceit within each of us that we have to uncover in the search for who we truly are," Wentz wrote. "There will be a video for every song on the album ... they'll be able to be watched back-to-back and it will make sense if one has the stomach to sit through 11 FOB music videos in a row."

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