Does Amy Owe Karma An Apology For Peacing Out On 'Faking It'?

Justin Bieber aside, this is one 'Sorry' that might not happen.

Does leaving your troubled best friend high and dry while you go on a three-month-long journey of self-discovery warrant a Justin Bieber?

That's the question we're left with after watching tonight's emotional Faking It Season 3 premiere in between bites of croquembouche.

Amy embarked on a summer rendezvous with a hot girl group (named after exploding lady parts, no less) in the hopes of officially getting over her romantical feelings for Karma once and for all. Hey, sometimes you gotta do you! Determined to explain her sudden departure without apologizing, the Hester High sophomore had high hopes for picking up right where the besties left off — minus the whole making out bit...

...except Karma had moved on to form friendships with her poolside coworkers (including former frenemy Shane!), bizarre sea-creature nicknames and all. Alongside her cool new boyfriend Dylan, Karma maintained a breezy, "it's all good" attitude, suddenly smoking pot and getting an anchor inked on her neck. (WHAT?)

When Amy confronted Starfish Karma, K finally admitted that A's disappearance hit her beyond hard, resulting in oceans of tears (episode sea reference no. 142), but Amy didn't budge. "I'm not gonna apologize for taking care of myself," she said, right before taking solace in the arms of her stepsister Lauren.

Karma won't forgive her (former?) bestie until she truly owns what she did — but does Amy really have anything to own? Share your theories, and watch it all go down next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!

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