Janet Jackson Issues Video Apology For Super Bowl Incident

Singer reiterates her responsibility and regret for breast-baring stunt.

A somber Janet Jackson released a videotaped apology for her controversial Super Bowl halftime performance Tuesday, one day after releasing a statement taking responsibility for the breast-baring incident.

"My decision to change the Super Bowl performance was actually made after the final rehearsal," Jackson said. "MTV, CBS [and] the NFL had no knowledge of this whatsoever, and unfortunately the whole thing went wrong in the end. I am really sorry if I offended anyone. That was truly not my intention."

Jackson is not reading from a statement in the message, but her words basically echo what she said in a release Monday (see [article id="1484766"]"Janet Apologizes, Says Super Bowl Stunt Went Too Far"[/article]). "It was not my intention that it go as far as it did," she said in her written statement, referring to Justin Timberlake pulling off a piece of her costume. A spokesperson for Jackson told reporters that a lace undergarment was supposed to remain intact, covering the singer, but was accidentally removed along with the outer layer.

Shortly after the performance, which was viewed by an estimated 90 million people, Timberlake said the incident was "not intentional and regrettable" (see [article id="1484738"]"Janet, Justin, MTV Apologize For Super Bowl Flash"[/article]).

CBS and MTV, which produced the halftime show, have also released statements apologizing and calling the incident unrehearsed and unplanned.

On Monday, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission announced it is investigating the halftime show. The agency, which oversees the broadcasting industry, has said in recent months that it plans to take a more aggressive stand against indecency and will push Congress to raise violation fines.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Timberlake will still appear on Sunday's Grammy Awards on CBS as scheduled, according to Recording Academy spokesperson Ron Roecker. Rumors had spread that they were being banned because of the stunt.

"There's always lots of controversy," Roecker said. "They're musicians, for goodness' sake. And there's such a big difference, no disrespect to the Super Bowl, to putting a stage on Astroturf than an appearance at the Grammys. It's a live show, so, yes, it's unpredictable, but we have things in place. This is all about the music, not the controversies. It's about celebrating Justin's music."

CBS has said it will air the event with a longer-than-usual tape delay so that censors can edit any crude language or behavior from the telecast. In the past, CBS has used a five-second delay that allowed for audio edits only.

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