Your R&B Dreams Came True -- The Weeknd And Bryson Tiller On One Track

Abel remixes Bryson's 'Rambo'

Two leading voices in a new wave of R&B, The Weeknd and Bryson Tiller, recently struck up a friendship outside of music.

"My manager Neil, he’s really good friends with Abel’s manager," Tiller told Apple Music recently. "They’ve just been talking and he was like, 'Yo, Abel’s really liking Bryson’s music. He’s been bumping Trapsoul.' He was like, 'Y’all should come to the show and vibe,' so we went to the show in D.C. We were just vibing. I knew he was the coolest dude ever when he said, 'Yo! You wanna play Call of Duty?' I was like, 'Of course.' That was my first time playing Black Ops 3, so I got to experience that with him."

Though we haven't heard any original collaborations yet -- "Hopefully, one day," Tiller said -- overnight we got a taste of what that would (will?) sound like, when The Weeknd released his remix of Bryson's "Rambo." Let's hope that video game playing and mutual respect turned into some studio sessions, too.

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