Mark-Paul Gosselaar Reveals Crazy Secrets About His 'Saved By The Bell' Days

Zack Morris was a bottle blond?!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is making the rounds to promote his new NBC show, "Truth Be Told," but let's just be honest: That's not the show you really want to hear Mark-Paul Gosselaar talk about.

It's okay, you guys. He knows.

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zack morris winking

And fortunately, Gosselaar was in a giving mood on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday (Sept. 29), because he revealed several crazy secrets about his breakout role on "Saved by the Bell." Among them:

- Gosselaar was never, ever a natural blond. (Actually, he's half Indonesian. Who knew that?! I did not know that.)

- Zack Morris sported a different hairstyle each season because every year, everyone involved assumed the show would be canceled, and who cares about visual continuity when you're not being renewed?

- That talking-to-the-camera gimmick? Totally ripped off from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." WUT.

See Gosselaar's whole interview (which also includes a crash course in Dutch surname pronunciation) below: