How Accurate Is 'Orange Is The New Black'? We Asked Remy Ma

The recently-released rapper breaks down some scenes from the popular show.

At the beginning of August, Remy Ma was released from prison after more than six years behind bars. She came home to some things being the same, sure, but there was also much that had changed. Twitter was unknown and Instagram hadn't even launched when she was locked up. Drake hadn't released So Far Gone yet, and President Obama hadn't been sworn into office.

And not only was "Orange Is The New Black" not yet one of the most popular shows around, but the memoir that it's based on -- about a woman's experience in prison -- hadn't yet been published.

Though there's surely no singular prison experience, and with that, Remy's circumstances and those of "OITNB" main character, Piper Kerman certainly had their differences, MTV News wanted to show the Bronx, New York rapper a few memorable scenes from the 12-time Emmy nominated show -- both to catch her up on one of the year's important pop culture moments, and for some insider analysis.

So, how accurate is the show? Check out Remy's fact-checking in the video above.

Oh, and a quick shout to the producers of the series, if you're reading this: Remy is ready for her shot on camera. "I would actually like to be on the series," she told us. "I think it'd probably give it a more realistic feel."