Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, And Mason Ramsey Are Cartoon Invaders Of Area 51 In New Video

Ramsey gets an alien dune buggy and there's a bird with a Thanos head

Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" has evolved from a viral single to a living and breathing organism of its own, providing generous amounts of offspring like an alien creature rapidly replicating and morphing into new jokes, new mixes, and new content. And speaking of aliens, the artist's most recent remix of "Old Town Road" – which features Young Thug, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Mason Ramsey – has received a cartoon video treatment that takes place at Area 51. It trades in boot spurs and horses for creepy government buildings and, well, cybernetic horses. It's every bit as wild as you can imagine.

After riding until he can't no more, Lil Nas X has arrived at the Old Town Secret Government facility, Area 51. The highly mysterious area and military facility has become the object of a Facebook Event involving more than 1.3 million people called Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop All Of Us, set to kick off on September 20. Thinking of the event, Lil Nas X's new video makes light of the mystery of the area. A bird there has Thanos's head, and an alien version of the American flag waves in the wind.

From there, it only gets weirder. Perhaps the wildest moment comes courtesy of Ramsey, who gets an alien dune buggy from some "ayy lmao"-like friends. The rest? You just have to see for yourself. But it gets bigger, badder, and creepier as it goes on.

Lil Nas X released this latest version of "Old Town Road" on July 12, a few days before it was revealed that the original version reached 15 weeks as the No. 1 song in the country. Maybe it'll be the official theme song for when this storming of the alien castle happens in September.

Watch the absurd and alien video for this version of "Old Town Road" up above.