Cypress Hill's B Real Takes To The Airwaves

"Nothing but hip-hop," says B Real. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

It's Saturday in San Francisco, and you stay up all night slamming

to a Cypress Hill soundtrack. The next thing you know, you're lying in bed

still sleeping it off, when you swear you hear Cypress' B Real taking over what

must be the weekday morning team show on KMEL radio. What'd you do, Rip Van

Winkle your way clear to Monday morning?

Not to worry. It's actually only

Sunday afternoon, three o'clock to be precise. That's when Real and Cartoon

Mark Machado commandeer KMEL's studios for their new, four-hour "Soul Assassins

Radio" program.

"I wanted to put together a very different kind of show,"

Real told ATN. "It's very hip-hop oriented, nothing but hip-hop. I try to stay

away from regular radio's format by playing songs off of albums, rather than

singles. We try to play songs you don't normally hear on the regular rotation.

And we try to implement a lot of comedy.

Real describes a recurring bit

that he and Machado call "Guess That Gangster Flick." "During the week, we look

at one of the gangster movies, like A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas, or

Carlito's Way, or Once Upon A Time In America--any one of the

gangster flicks. And we'll act out the scene [on the air]. And if the people

out there can guess the scene from the movie, they win whatever we've got to

give away. It's a lot of interacting with the people.


also includes one hour of solid mixing on the show, as well as

hip-hop music news, world premiere tracks, and visits from other

rappers, such as the Bay Area's B Legit. But the emphasis is on

comedy. The Latin cut up trio known as Culture Clash has been

recording skits for the show, and Real notes that Dr. Dre has also been

getting in the act. "Dre is presently working on a skit for us now.

He's writing it and he might be acting in it, too."

Of his motivation to undertake "Soul Assassins Radio," Real says, "I'm

an artist. I really didn't need to be doing something like this. It

was something that I wanted to do. It wasn't a necessity." He

adds, "We emphasize the comedy because people like a good laugh. We're

trying to give it to 'em, along with the good music."

Real intends to keep giving it to them even when Cypress Hill and

Real's other band, the Psycho Realm, take to the road in July for the

Smokin' Grooves tour. "We'll be recording our show on the road and

sending it into the station. Sometimes we'll be doing live remotes

from the tour. I'm also trying to do something through the Internet."

Meanwhile, Real is working with DJ Muggs on Cypress Hill's as yet

untitled fourth album, which will be released after the tour. The

Psycho Realm drops their self-titled debut on July 8.

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