Rapper J-Kwon Is Alive And Well

'Tipsy' rapper hadn't been heard from in a month, prompting his record label to search for him.

[artist id="1243731"]J-Kwon[/artist] is alive and well, according to his manager and publicist.

On Wednesday, we reported that his friends, family and business associates were highly concerned because [article id="1633103"]no one had been able to reach the St. Louis-born rapper[/article] for about a month. His record label, Gracie Productions, even set up the Twitter page @WhereIsJKwon so fans could write in with any info they had.

A few of Kwon's business associates were even going door to door Wednesday in hopes of locating their missing friend. The 24-year-old must have seen the news, because he reached out to his loved ones. According to his rep, the rapper sent his apologies to anyone he worried.

Kwon's manager and co-CEO of Gracie, Dorian Washington, issued a statement Thursday afternoon (March 4): "I am very happy to let everyone know that I personally spoke with J-Kwon today, and he is OK. He'd like to send a sincere apology to his friends and everyone who showed concern this week. He was taking some time to himself as he sometimes does, not realizing that people would start to worry after a while. A few days out of touch versus a month is quite a difference. Right now, he just wants to keep doing what he's doing and will be more available for those who care about him. We thank you again for your outreach, and we are relieved to know he'll be all right."

J-Kwon rocketed into the rap game in 2004 with the club hit "Tipsy." He is scheduled to release a self-titled album at the end of the month.

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