Soul Coughing Split

Breakup called amicable by band that fused rock, jazz and hip-hop elements.

Eclectic rock band Soul Coughing have amicably disbanded to pursue various side projects, the group said on Monday (March 20) in a press release. Singer/guitarist M. Doughty is working on a solo album and will continue to write frequently for the New York Press, while keyboardist Mark DeGliAntoni has been working on both a film score and a follow-up to his 1999 Horse Tricks album. Bassist Sebastian Steinberg recently finished a tour with neo-folkie Beth Orton and will continue UV Ray, his drum & bass side project with Soul Coughing drummer Yuval Gabay. Soul Coughing's blend of rock, jazz and hip-hop elements often ventured into extended improvisation live. The band's 1994 debut Ruby Vroom was a critical favorite and was followed by Irresistible Bliss (1996) and El Oso (1998).