Jay-Z Gives A Once In A Lifetime Gift To Fan Who Beat Cancer Twice

Put your hands in the sky if you feel the motivational vibes

Jay-Z's 4:44 tour has been an inspirational journey across America. Over the last few weeks, Jay told a 9-year-old she can be the president, called for Meek Mill's release, and showed love to Kanye West, despite their recent issues. On Saturday (December 16), the feel-good vibes continued in Oakland, California as Jay honored a fan who beat cancer twice.

Jay stopped his performance after seeing a special sign made by Christina Cruz, which read "I beat cancer 2x 2 see u! I love u!!! Selfie or hug?" It was then that the Brooklyn MC decided to bring Cruz on stage to share a fantastic moment.

"I gotta give you at least a hug," said Jay. "Could somebody help her around, please?"

After Jay and Cruz were finished with photos, the 4:44 rapper honored her perseverance with a touching sentiment.

"You just know you beat cancer twice," said Carter. "You can do anything."

Now that is the type of #MotivationMonday we can all use.

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