'Jessica Jones': David Tennant Previews The Most Terrifying Marvel Villain Ever

The Purple Man stopped by MTV News to tell us why we should fear him.

He made waves on Fox's "Gracepoint" and its British counterpart, "Broadchurch," but still -- TV audiences primarily know David Tennant as the heroic and dashing Tenth Doctor from "Doctor Who," a role that not only landed the Scottish actor on the top of many "Best 'Doctor Who' Doctor Ever" lists, but also cemented him as a bona fide dreamboat.

Tennant's Doctor was troubled, and had war in his not-so-distant past, but still -- nothing could have prepared we at MTV News for the evil Tennant is capable of in Marvel's new Netflix series, "Jessica Jones." His character, Kilgrave, is not only the most terrifying character Tennant has ever played, he's also the most realistically scary villain that Marvel Studios has ever produced. (Yep, we said it.)

Basically, while dudes like Loki and Thanos are busy collecting stones and dealing with their complicated family lives in outer space, Kilgrave -- who can control human beings in the most sinister way possible -- is chilling here in New York, doing everything in his power to destroy the life of one woman, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). Tennant's performance is dynamic and nuanced, and completely captures the very real horror of abuse -- which is why we just had to invite Tennant to our studio to tell us (and you!) all about what makes Kilgrave who he is.

"Kilgrave, he has this ability that whatever he says compels those around him to acquiesce," Tennant said, before adding that the purple-clad baddie "has no real aspirations to world power; he's not trying to take over the U.N., or launch a nuclear missile, or conquer Asgard."

Instead, "what's terrifying about him is that he can make you do whatever he wishes, and nobody has, apparently, any defense against him."

Kilgrave uses this ability in many disturbing ways throughout the series -- all in the name of finally gaining total power over Jessica Jones -- though Tennant, amazingly, still found ways to empathize with this seemingly "indefensible" character.

"He can't tell whether people are doing things because they want to, or because he's asking them to," Tennant explained. "Everything he suggests becomes fact, so it's very difficult for him to appreciate when people are being forced to do things against their will."

This is all part of having the ability to control everything around you for your entire life -- which doesn't add up to a whole lot of empathy, making Kilgrave a particularly narcissistic and self-interested villain.

"It's not about being stronger than him, or having a bigger gun," Tennant concluded. "He takes over your mind, and then you lose all control over yourself. I certainly wouldn't want to come across Kilgrave in my own life."

"Jessica Jones" premieres on Netflix on Friday, November 20..