Ocean Sex Gone Horribly Wrong Sent This Couple To The ER

Remember when Sebastian from 'The Little Mermaid' told you that 'it's better down where it's wetter?' That little crab was dead wrong, guys.

We’ve given you plenty of reasons to be terrified of the ocean, including but not limited to testicle-eating fish, shark-eating fish, and all of these nightmarish creatures.

But it turns out, there’s another petrifying oceanic threat you need to know about: Your sex life.



Earlier this week, an Italian couple found out the hard way that ocean sex isn’t as dreamy as it sounds. The lovebirds were getting it on in the waves at a secluded beach off the Italian coast when they somehow got stuck together.

After flagging down a woman on the beach, a doctor was called in to fix the sticky situation. But the job was too tricky for him, so the tangled-up couple eventually had to be transported to the emergency room. They were finally pried apart after the woman received an injection that is used to dilate a pregnant woman’s cervix.

This humiliating fail is a reminder to adventurous, sea-loving couples everywhere that sometimes it's better to forgo Jack Dawson's advice and actually let go.



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