Watch T.I. And Game Face Off With LAPD After Bloody Fight

Things got super heated.

T.I. and Game got into an intense standoff with Los Angeles police early Wednesday night (April 30) after two friends of theirs were beat up outside the Supperclub night spot.

In a video posted by TMZ, the two rappers can be seen facing off against a group of more than a dozen baton- and shotgun-wielding LAPD officers. The site claimed that some mutual acquaintances of T.I. and Game were denied entrance to the club, which resulted in an argument between the venue's security and one of the men, who allegedly threw a punch at security.

In the video, security can be seen tackling two men, with a guard repeatedly kicking one of them in the face and body as he tried to cover up, and another group holding the second man down on the ground. The scuffle continued, with both men taken down to the ground a second time as police sirens wail in the background.

With one man's face bloodied and officers cuffing the other, T.I. and Game appear in a second TMZ clip, with Tip asking repeatedly, "Is this a crime scene?" He quickly added, "Ya'll got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers." With a face-off brewing between the police and a large group backing T.I. and Game, one of the men asked the LAPD, "Are you trigger-happy?," while another yelled, "Yo, the police didn't do it ... security did!"

The entire group then ran off to another part of the parking lot as Game was held back and someone repeatedly asked, "Who did it?" According to TMZ, the men at the center of the scuffle were taken to the LAPD's Hollywood division, but no charges were filed and they were released.

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