This Is Why Meghan Trainor Won't Be Wearing A Swimsuit On Her 'That Bass Tour'

The 'Lips Are Movin' singer explains the importance of being 'covered and comfy' on stage.

DALLAS, Texas -- While Meghan Trainor may be "All About That Bass," that doesn't mean she has any plans to put her assets on display.

When MTV News' guest correspondent Liza Koshy caught up with the 21-year-old singer on her That Bass Tour, Meghan gave the Vine star a behind the scenes look at her concert closet -- explaining the importance of being "covered and comfy."

"I told the label, like, day one, 'I'm not going to go out there in a bathing suit so figure it out,'" Meghan explained. "We had fittings and I told them my comfiest is in skirts, and tops, and looking good. They nailed it."

And although she feels her best on stage, she says there's no way you'll see her wearing anything remotely similar to these looks during her down time.

"When I go out I scrub really hard and I just wear comfy clothes and no one thinks, like, 'Oh, that must be Meghan Trainor,'" she said.

In addition to holding it down for MTV News, Liza also teamed up with HP to create a video diary from Meghan's TX stop. Something she learned from Meghan while hanging out with her for the day? Tour bus living, at times, can be the dumps.

"There's rules about the bathroom that are disgusting and we can't talk about it, but basically it's very difficult to live on this bus. But other than that it's really comfy," Meghan laughed. "I sleep actually better on the bunk than in hotel rooms. Yeah, it rocks you to sleep."

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