Justin Timberlake Is 'Perfect' In Coen Brothers Flick

'Inside Llewyn Davis' actor Oscar Isaac has been recording music with Timberlake for the '60s folk flick.

"W.E." star Oscar Isaac is deep in musical preparations for the next Coen Brothers film, "Inside Llewyn Davis," in which he'll play the title character. In a couple weeks, Isaac and his castmates, including Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan and Garrett Hedlund, will be on set, but until then they are in the recording studio putting the finishing touches on the film's musical elements.

"Right now I'm gearing up for the Coen Brothers film, which is all music-based," he told MTV News at the New York premiere of the [article id="1677811"]Madonna-directed "W.E."[/article] "So that's actually taking up a lot of the musical creative energy. So excited."

Isaac, much like his co-stars, has dabbled in music, having put off recording his own music to focus on the film. And with some assistance from some big-name musical heavyweights, the music is destined to shine. The actor said the cast is currently in the studio with Timberlake, the Punch Brothers, T-Bone Burnett and Mulligan's fiancé, Marcus Mumford -- what he called an "amazing group of musicians."

"It's folk from the '60s -- old songs passed down for many generations -- but new takes on them," he said of the songs being used in the film, which follows the life of a New York City folk singer in the 1960s. "Obviously we have the hindsight of now and so we kind of revisit these old songs. They're hopeful and beautiful and in contrast [to] the life of a folk singer, which is not very beautiful at all. It's very drab and dire. It's a screwball comedy."

As for Timberlake, the pop star best known for his bouncing beats can sing folk too. "He's perfect, really pure," Isaac said.

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