13 My Chemical Romance Fans Who Are Not Okay

Welcome back to the Black Parade, everyone

UPDATE (7/21/16, 3:50 p.m. ET): My Chemical Romance confirmed the 10th anniversary release of The Black Parade on Twitter, writing that they are "touched and blown away" by the trailer's response. There are sadly no plans for a reunion or tour.


After going their separate ways in 2013, My Chemical Romance broke their silence Wednesday with a mysterious "Welcome to the Black Parade" video that sent former 2000s emo kids running for their black eyeliner and Tripp pants.

It debuts a new logo, MCRX, which hints at the band's 10th Black Parade birthday coming up on October 23 — one month after the teaser's September 23 date. Entertainment Weekly reports they're releasing a reissue of the album with new demos. It's not as exciting as an anniversary tour, sure, but a fancy record is better than nothing.

The news brought out every fan's dark side, as you can tell from the tweets below.

Hey there, Emo Nemo

Are you ready to feel nostalgic?

Break out the Manic Panic

And the eyeliner

No, you need way more eyeliner

Throw on a band t-shirt

Maybe this one from Hot Topic?

Try to remember your Myspace password

Wear all black, all the time


Pay your respects to the dead

Tell your mom it's not a phase

And say your 'Famous Last Words'

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