Chelsea Handler's Best VMA Moments

Host chases Justin Bieber, mocks Lady Gaga, gets visit from Lindsay Lohan.

From the self-deprecating teaser promos leading up to the show to her haphazard Lady Gaga impersonation to countless brazen one-liners and a skit involving spontaneous impregnation courtesy of a quick dip in the "Jersey Shore" hot tub, Chelsea Handler nailed her first-time VMA-hosting gig.

The sassy and outspoken E! talk-show host kicked things off with a pre-taped video, in which she was repeatedly smacked on the rear at random, as well as given a brutal coaching session from Lindsay Lohan.

Here's a rundown of our fave Chelsea Handler VMA moments:

Handler's Entrance/Monologue

Handler dropped down to the stage amidst a group of dancers, wearing a house on her head and a glittery outfit. Once in place to deliver her opening remarks, she told the crowd: "My plan was to stay sober the entire show, but, in an interesting twist, I am as high as a kite. That's the last time I do a prayer circle with Snoop Dogg."

Speaking about the fact that the last time a woman hosted the show was Roseanne Barr in 1994, Handler poked fun at some of the nominees' activities that particular year.

"Justin Timberlake was in the Mickey Mouse Club pretending he wasn't having sex with Britney Spears," Handler joked. "'The Situation' was just a classy way to refer to a teenage pregnancy. And Justin Bieber's mom had just given birth to her 401k plan."

Best New Artist 2010 Meet-and-Greet Sketches

In another pre-taped video segment, Handler hilariously introduced herself to the Best New Artist nominees, including Ke$ha and Justin Bieber. Handler admitted a bit of a crush on the "Tik Tok" singer, and made the clip with Bieber memorable by accusing the teen star of wearing a wig and chasing him down trying to grab it.

Hot-Tub Party With the "Jersey Shore" Cast

Handler showed she had no problem getting wet and wild. When the Situation hollered out to Handler from their famous hot tub and asked her to join in the fun, she actually walked over and climbed into the tub with JWoww, Snooki and Pauly D. Cut to commercial. When the show came back, Handler complained about feeling disgusting, and when she stood up to get out of the tub, had been spontaneously impregnated.

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