Five Theories About Captain Murphy

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Who is Captain Murphy? If you've been following anything Odd Future-related over the last couple of months, you'll have seen the rapper's name popping up on songs with Earl Sweatshirt and heard rumors speculating about whether he might be one of the OF gang in disguise. On Thursday, all will apparently be revealed when the enigmatic Captain will release his Duality project (complete with production from Flying Lotus, Clams Casino and Just Blaze). Until then, here's a rundown of the Twitterverse's most popular theories as to his identity.

1. It's Not Tyler, the Creator

Captain Murphy came to prominence when his voice was heard in tandem with Earl Sweatshirt on the Flying Lotus production "Between Friends." Rumors soon sparked that the vocals belonged to Tyler - but FlyLo seems to have rejected that ruse.

— Flying Lotus (@flyinglotus) July 24, 2012

2. Captain Murphy Is Really Just a Cartoon

"Between Friends" was released as part of Adult Swim's Singles Program. Captain Murphy is the name of a character on the Adult Swim show Sealab 2021. Odd Future's Loiter Squad program airs on Adult Swim. Flying Lotus has produced "bumper" music for the Adult Swim channel. Connect the dots and you might arrive at some sort of Gorillaz-esque cartoon concept, backed by Adult Swim money.

— Captain Murphy (@xCaptainMurphyx) October 15, 2012

3. Captain Murphy Is Many Rappers

A popular message board theory has the voice of Captain Murphy being a composite of the vocals of Earl and Tyler (and possibly even FlyLo himself). The hazy vocal quality on "Between Friends" and the title Duality gives credence to this thinking.

4. Captain Murphy Isn't In Odd Future

Earlier this month, the mysterious Murphy dismissed claims that he was a new or existing member of the Odd Future family. Although there's history of Tyler playing pranks like this before.

— Captain Murphy (@xCaptainMurphyx) November 3, 2012

5. Captain Murphy Is the Bawse

Quite frankly, the only sane answer for all of this.

— Sam Baker (@SAMIYAMBEATS) October 22, 2012

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